Croatia, currently the leader of the EU presidency, is going to support equal pay between Western and Eastern Europe. The Croatian presidency hopes that reducing the salary differences between richer and poorer countries will limit the brain drain. Read more. Source: Florin Zubașcu, Science Business Picture: Arno Mikkor

Europe has decided to tackle the climate change issue by funding projects with European Green Deal Investment Plan. Prioritized regions are those the most affected by the transition to a green energy, especially those dependent on fossil fuels. Half of the money for it will come from the EU budget. Read more here. Source: European Parliament […]

The European Union’s new innovation chief Mariya Gabriel wants to “revitalise” efforts to create a real single market for research, education and innovation, bridging the performance gap between eastern and western Europe. Her long term goal: the establishment of a “European Knowledge Strategy” that would try to integrate policies for the movement of ideas, researchers […]

The incoming president of the EC Ursula von der Leyen has given into demands that the word ‘research’ should be included in the research commissioner’s job title. The change was made quite last minute, and the new name for the position is called “commissioner for Research, Innovation, Education, Culture & Youth”. This change may help […]

Ursula von der Leyen said Wednesday her ambitious agenda at the head of the European Union’s executive will center on the “existential issue” of battling climate change. She also promises to work on an “European Green Deal”, so that the EU can be a leader on this important issue. Read more here. Source: RAF CASERT, […]

The EP is split over whether to declare a global climate emergency before next week’s UN summit. The draft resolution states there is “an environment and climate emergency” and declares the EU will “take action accordingly”. It is a message to European citizens, to young people, to say that Europe is the very first continent […]

Before the EU further opens its R&I funding to countries all over the world, researchers and policy makers in central and eastern Europe wish to strengthen national systems in poorer member states which are lagging behind. People wish the EU to focus on European problems first, before looking further into expanding globally. Read more here. […]

The future of UK’s research is still a little uncertain and it will definitely affect Europe’s R&D as well. Some of the impacts that can already be seen are for example a reluctance to engage UK partners for EU research projects and that EU nationals are less likely to want to apply for short-term jobs in […]

Labour and Liberal Democrats both pledge to invest 3% of GDP on research and to spread R&D funding around the regions, promising to fund more “targeted science, research and innovation” to tackle climate change. Read more here. Source: Éanna Kelly Science Business Picture: Pixabay

A study was made by EMY (Empowerment of Mobile Youth in the EU) to investigate young people’s political interest and engagement in the European Union. The aim of this project is to raise the awareness of young EU citizens about their democratic rights as “Union citizens”. Read more about the key findings of the study […]

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