H2020 Audit Management

Audited by the European Commission?


  Raphaël de Vivans – CEO of EFMC & former DG RTD Auditor

An audit carried out by the European Commission is as serious as a tax control. We strongly recommend you to contact us as soon as you receive the Letter of Announcement.

  • What questions can auditors ask?
  • Can the auditor meet one of my employees alone?
  • Do they have the right to check other projects than the one audited?
  • What are the mandatory documents to provide to the European Commission?
  • Have you got a clear strategy for the audit, or are you facing the auditor unprepared?

As with any tax control, the auditors have to respect rules and the audited organisation has to respect a process. In 7 years of operation, our team, led by a former DG RTD Auditor, has helped organisations to greatly reduce the adjustments asked by the auditors by acting during the whole process, from the set up of a strategy until the potential letter of contestation, including the on-the-spot visits of the auditors and support during each contact with the European Commission.

We have helped countless organisations (H2020 and SME Instruments/EIC Accelerator) and do not hesitate to contact us to get recommendations from them.

Contact us for a free analysis of your readiness for an audit and a free quotation.