About us


European Fund Management Consulting – EFMC – was founded by Raphaël de Vivans in 2014, following his career at the European Commission as an external auditor for the DG RTD. Based on the needs expressed by beneficiaries when Raphaël was in contact with them at the European Commission, EFMC has aimed to provide them support with Horizon grants by ensuring the liability of their costs and having the optimal administration thanks to trainings and support services.

Established in Estonia, the company has grown since then, hiring new senior experts from different European countries. A proposal writing support service has been opened in 2018 to maximise chances of success of applicants.

Today, EFMC has a strongly bound team of experts who meet regularly and are in constant contact to provide the best quality of support to Pillar 2 RIA/IA/CSA, ERC, MSCA, EIC and EIT current and future beneficiaries.

We provide high-level quality services and have helped more than a thousand organisations worldwide, universities, research centres, private companies, ministries, towns, NGOs, etc.

Our values

Expertise: EFMC is now recognized as one of the leading firms in Europe, and our experts have an average of 30 years of experience. As a result of their combined experience, they created a set of tools to ensure the best quality of service possible.

European Commission spirit: The EFMC, founded by a former DG RTD auditor, aligns its working methods and aims with the ethics of the European Commission. Our services meet its expectations and vision. 

Social responsibility: Social and environmental issues are integrated into our operations. As one of our priorities, we offer our employees several benefits aimed at promoting well-being at work. Several measures are taken to reduce our environmental impact, such as offering remote services. In addition, gender equality has also always been a priority for us, with half of our team being women.

Dialogue: Our support is tailored to the needs of the organizations we work with. We analyze requests and customize offers to deliver the most appropriate answer for each organization based on their working methods, their needs, and their interests. 

Our Team


Raphaël de Vivans

Director of MSCA Programme

Jitka Eryilmaz

Administrative manager

Siret Laanemets

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