The EU-funds-addicted community spends summer afternoons preparing the next application with a September deadline…and burning midnight oil. There is another tradition every second year: scouting the available funding opportunities for the next two years in (leaked) Cluster Work Programmes. This is what we did too.  By following Science Business, we are up to date on […]

Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme (MSCA) is part of the HORIZON EUROPE pillar one. Specifically, it aims to promote the mobility of researchers, as well as their collaboration between countries, sectors, and disciplines.  Participants are encouraged to develop their careers through the program.   Would you like to participate? You can apply no matter: Your age, nationality, […]

A closer analysis of the Horizon Europe Annotated Model of Grant Agreement (latest available version at June 16th 2022 i.e. “Pre-draft – November 2021”), provides some interesting elements of novelty concerning the rules and eligibility of the subcontracting budget category.   Subcontracting: an hot topic for the EC and the Beneficiary Subcontracting is definitely one […]

Researchers often say that they are able to write the Excellence section of the Horizon Europe proposal, but they would like someone to write the Impact part for them. However, are you really sure that you know how to write the best possible Excellence part for your proposal? Even if you are a top scientist […]

Despite the agreement on the post-Brexit deal in December 2020, which included an agreement on the UK’s associate membership, the implementation of the status is delayed due to a dispute over the Northern Ireland protocol between the EU and the UK. A government spokesperson warned that “If the UK is unable to associate soon, (…) […]

With a budget of €95.5 billion under MFF 2021-2027, and projects receiving several million, Horizon Europe is a significant funding source for Research and Innovation in Europe. We have checked the remaining opportunities for 2022 Calls, and we are anticipating the draft Work Programmes for 2023-2024. Horizon Europe structure Horizon Europe is structured around 3 […]

The research partnership within the Horizon Europe programme has a budget of €55,3B. The European Commission estimates that billions of euros are successfully coping with the tasks set in the EU’s green, digital, and health areas. Forty-nine research partnerships unite industry, members of the European Union, and various research organizations. Such a system helps avoid […]

At the end of April, the European Research Council announced the holders of its grants, among them 45 British scientists. But since the UK is not associated with the Horizon Europe programme, scientists will need to look for ways to relocate to other EU institutions. Grant holders have two months to resolve this issue. Otherwise, […]

The main goal of Horizon Europe Cities is to achieve climate neutrality by 2030. The European Commission has presented a list of 100 selected cities involved in the project to reduce the negative climate impact within the Horizon Europe Cities Mission. The selected cities are located throughout the European cities. At least one city in the […]

The European Commission, which has set ambitious goals in the direction of the green deal and the protection of cultural heritage, has not developed a clear action plan. Members of the European Parliament believe that the Horizon Europe programme could contribute to the development of this plan. For example, according to a European Parliament’s draft […]

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