After long negotiations, the United Kingdom and Europe finally agreed on the participation of the UK on Horizon Europe. While the negotiations about Brexit are not fully over yet, and the contribution of the UK to the programme is still to determine, the new treaty ends years of uncertainty for British researchers who will be […]

The European Innovation Council could invest up to 3 billion euro in acquiring SMEs’ shares over the next 7 years to answer the growing interest of European SMEs. The European Commission can acquire up to 15 million euros worth of shares in a single beneficiary. EIC grants were the object of a growing interest in […]

The EU reached an agreement on a €14.8 billion space programme. It includes different missions, such as simplifying the EU legal framework on space policy and the improvement of space flagships programmes. The EU space development will be coordinated by a public-private partnership to ensure competitiveness. Read more Source: Goda Naujokaitytė, Science Business Picture: ESA

With the Brexit occurring in a few weeks, students all over the European Union wonder if they will be able to study in the United Kingdom or not. Students visa, Health care, student loans, find out more about what we know yet. Read more… Source: Agence France-Presse, Picture:

The European Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, offered the administration of the newly elected American president Joe Biden to reset ties with the EU on “technology, trade, climate change, and public health”. This new partnership would come after a few years of complicated relationship between the United States of America and Europe under the […]

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One week after voting an extra 4 billion for the Horizon Europe research program, which will start in 2021, Hungary and Poland vetoed the new budget. There are disagreements over the use of these extra 4 billion as research lobbies would like to use the whole amount for frontier research, whereas EU governments agreed to […]

Germany and France have announced their desire to invest in hydrogen power development, which could represent about a quarter of the world’s production of energy in 2050. Both countries point out the benefits for the environment, as hydrogen only releases water, but they disagree on a few major points. France would like to use its […]

After long negotiations, the European Parliament and the governments of EU members have finally found an agreement on the budget of Horizon Europe. EU4Health, Erasmus+, and several others saw an increase in their budget. Governments, affected by the coronavirus, insisted on cuts in research spendings but finally agreed to add an extra 4 billion euro. […]

Like every Monday, find a list of calls published by the European Commission. Today’s theme: EIC Contact us for a review of your proposal or for support: EIC Horizon Prize for ‘Innovative Batteries for eVehicles’    Batteries-EICPrize-2018 Types of action: Inducement Prize | Programme: Horizon 2020 Framework Programme Opening date: 22 February 2018 Deadline model:single-stage Deadline date:17 December 2020 17:00:00 Brussels time […]