The European Parliament stepped up pressure for a preliminary deal on Horizon Europe, the European Union’s planned €94.1 billion research and innovation programme. A pair of MEPs handling the draft legislation said they presented the EU Council’s Romanian presidency with a raft of concessions and demands, in their latest negotiating session 7 March. They said […]

While the EU’s Horizon funding program is more often associated with academic research, a sizeable proportion of its funds are invested in the European biotech industry. With a new stage of the program being close to launch, I investigated some challenges for the industry that it hopes to solve. READ MORE…

University heads in central and eastern Europe who blame Horizon 2020’s excessive bureaucracy for making it harder to win grants got a sharp retort from a senior Commission official defending the system at a meeting in Berlin last week. Europe is unlikely to solve the issue unless there is a broad political agreement across member […]

EFMC is pleased to announce new locations for H2020 training courses in “Financial Management”, “Proposal Writing” and the Funding & Tenders Portal “SEDIA” (the new name of Participant Portal). Financial Management courses are available in English, French, Italian and Spanish. Please see the list of courses below, choose the language and location that suits you […]

UK universities continue to make clear to government that a Brexit ‘no deal’ scenario is highly undesirable.  However, there remains a risk that the Brexit negotiations could end without a deal being reached on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Unless further preparatory actions are taken, or commitments made by government, such an outcome would […]

Less than a month left. Officially, the UK is set to leave the European Union on 29 March 2019, though it’s looking increasingly likely that this timeline will be pushed back as the British government requests an Article 50 extension (even if it’s purely a “technical extension” in order to buy time to implement any […]

While it is not new for Framework Programmes to include non-European participants, the first one being Israel in 1996, every new programme means for them the start of new negotiations about their legal status and conditions of admission. This should not be an issue for some countries which already participate in FP8, such as Israel […]

“It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion and you can’t do anything to stop it.” This alarming sentence, reported by NBCNews from Jess Fitch, a U.K. citizen, sums up the state of mind of many British citizens living inside the E.U. While an agreement was found between the E.U. and the U.K. about […]

We now know the broad themes of the incoming Framework Programme Horizon Europe, and there will be 5 of them. The new €94.1 billion programme will focus on climate change, cancer, oceans, carbon neutrality, and food. The European governments finally came on an agreement on the 19th of February after a hard debate between the […]

In cooperation with the Nord University:  EFMC will hold its first training in Bodø, Norway. During the 5 days in April, the attendees will have the unique opportunity to attend two H2020 training’s during the same week: 01-02 April 2019 2-day “Theoretical and Practical guide to Proposal Writing of H2020 R&I projects” 03-04-05 April 2019 3-day […]