Trainings in presence:

Covers all calls: Doctoral Networks, Postdoctoral Fellowships, Staff Exchange, COFUNDS

Duration: 2-days

Cost: 1490€

Starts: at 9 am, ends at 17.00 (total of 14 hours training)
Takes places in conference rooms (conference centres, hotels, universities) located in the city centre.

Includes: training presentations, certificates of participation, lunch breaks, coffee breaks

Maximum number of participants: 15

Online trainings:

Covers all calls: Doctoral Networks, Postdoctoral Fellowships, Staff Exchange, COFUNDS

Duration: 2-days

Cost: 1090€

Starts: at 9 am, ends at 13.00 (total of 7 hours training)
2-afternoon face to face meetings with our experts to answer the participant's questions. (2x20 minutes of individual meetings)

Includes: training presentations, certificates of participation

Maximum number of participants: 10


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08julAll Day09BARCELONA, MARIE CURIE ACTIONS PROPOSAL WRITING, 08-09 JULY 2024Marie Curie Actions PROPOSAL WRITINGBarcelonaProposal Writing:English Language,MSCA Trainings

09sepAll Day10MARIE CURIE ACTIONS PROPOSAL WRITING, 09-10 SEPTEMBER 2024Marie Curie Actions PROPOSAL WRITINGOnlineProposal Writing:English Language,MSCA Trainings

16decAll Day17VIENNA, MARIE CURIE ACTIONS PROPOSAL WRITING, 16-17 DECEMBER 2024Marie Curie Actions PROPOSAL WRITINGViennaProposal Writing:English Language,MSCA Trainings

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Specially designed for: researchers, scientists, students, project managers which are willing to apply for Horizon Europe framework programmes, as coordinators, or as partners, EU pre-award offices.

Level: suitable for any level of experience, as the training progressively moves from basic notions to the most challenging aspects of the proposal preparation.  

Grants: Horizon Europe MSCA Doctoral Networks, Postdoctoral Fellowships, Staff Exchanges, COFUND

Trainers: Our trainings were designed by a team of senior experts based on their vast experience. They are all delivered by our senior experts, who additionally deliver proposal writing services for EFMC. More information on our experts/trainers here

Outcomes: Our training primarily focuses on the most important grant writing aspect – the point of view of the evaluators! By understanding what reviewers are looking for, we are able to provide plenty of useful tips and insights from our previous work with MSCA applications.


Depending on your previous experience, at the end of the training you will be able to:

  • Understand the eligibility criteria and all the necessary requirements to submit a competitive MSCA proposal.
  • Plan and lead a complete proposal writing process.
  • Understand and emphasize on the key elements in “Excellence, Impact and Implementation” sections.
  • Understand how a truly competitive proposal should look like.
  • Gain a better understanding of the evaluation process and provide participants with tools to check and review their proposals. 
  • Enhance participants skills to analyse and debug proposal ideas and to efficiently plan their writing.


Our CEO Raphaël de Vivans delivering an on-site training

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