ERC / MSCA / Research Infrastructures: ready to go! ERC Starting and Consolidator grants’ calls are published. World-class researchers and scientist are now working on their next proposals. If you are planning to submit an ERC proposal, hurry up with proposal preparation! MSCA work programme has been published in draft version, and tentative dates are […]

The new EIC work programme is now officially published, after a 2-Day presentation. You can watch the replay here. Most of the information had leaked, but important details were still to be confirmed. The work programme provides all the details regarding the new Pathfinder and Transition programmes. Find the work programme right here. Horizon Europe: […]

The new EIC Accelerator (official work programme right here) in Horizon Europe offers great opportunities for deep-tech SMEs. Competition for EU grants under this scheme is expected to be fierce, even though the target audience for the EIC Accelerator has been narrowly defined as deep-tech, market-creating SMEs. But not every SME is at the technology […]

Generations of research and innovation policy-makers have focused on clusters as a kind of panacea to promote and accelerate innovation. At least this was and often still is the case at the national level, as governments seek to concentrate innovation activities in physical clusters. But what is the new role of clusters in Horizon Europe? […]

Leaked Horizon Europe papers give an early insight into new types of EU funding for start-ups and SMEs under the EU’s 9th Framework Programme (FP) for Research and Innovation. While Horizon Europe has yet to be officially launched in June 2021, the innovation community is getting ready for novel types of EU funding to accelerate […]

The European Commission plans on spending €10 billion on 10 public-private partnerships on Health, Climate and Digital technologies. According to the European Commission, these partnerships should create “long-term impacts on employment, the environment and society”. The partnerships will be split in the following categories: Innovative Health Initiative Circular Bio-based Europe Clean Hydrogen Clean Aviation Europe’s […]

According to the leaked work programmes, close to 1 billion euro will be allocated to Health research this year through Horizon Europe. Most certainly as a result of the Covid pandemic, health became the main focus for research lately, explaining the high amount for research projects despite the late start of the programme. This amount […]

European Innovation Council grants will see major changes with the arrival of Horizon Europe. It will be divided into 3 programmes (Pathfinder, Transition and Accelerator), each of them with open funding and challenge-driven funding. Pathfinder will focus on “science-towards-technology breakthrough research”, Transition on “innovation activities that go beyond the experimental proof of principle”, and Accelerator […]

More information on the first cluster, Health, is available after the recent leak. You can find the full detailed information in the draft work programme. Clusters were implemented to Horizon Europe to give special focuses on what the European Commission considered the most important technological fields of the next 7 years. Do you know which […]

While Mariya Gabriel officially launched Horizon Europe, last details are still being discussed, such as the research agenda which should be finalised and published in April. European MEPs urge for grants to be delivered as quickly as possible, and if needed before last details are finalised. Horizon Europe is already one month late and organisations […]