Small tips on writing a Horizon Europe proposal

Researchers often say that they are able to write the Excellence section of the Horizon Europe proposal, but

Researchers often say that they are able to write the Excellence section of the Horizon Europe proposal, but they would like someone to write the Impact part for them.

However, are you really sure that you know how to write the best possible Excellence part for your proposal? Even if you are a top scientist or a highly rated expert in your field, you need to make sure that you are not biased by the excellence of your own project idea. So, do check twice that your project is in line, or relevant, with the work programme topic, described in the call for proposal text. You should also be able to understand how your project fits the strategic framework of Horizon programme and its key strategic orientations, impact areas and destinations. Remember that the project should not be convincing to you, but to the evaluator. Regarding project objectives, do not forget to identify the KPIs, in order to demonstrate that the objectives are measurable and achievable.

When it comes to the Impact section, do not apporach it separately from all the rest. Keep in mind that the impact “impacts” all other parts of the proposal, and therefore you should carry out a solid impact analysis if your project is to achieve the expected outcomes and impacts.

In the Implementation part, we still today find extensive information about the methodology. Please do not add it there. There is a specific subsection on methodology in the Excellence section, which is where it belongs. The aim of the Implementation is to define who does what and when.

You now have checked all relevant aspects and have written your 45 pages. But is your text easy-to-read? Put yourself in evaluators’ shoes: they are reading dozens of proposals. So make their work easier and propose a text that is well structured, with many bullet points and with key words emphasised in bold. Evaluators will appreciate a well-structured and well-presented text.

Your proposal should look much better now!

And do not hesitate to contact us if you would like our experts to review your proposal before you send it.


Source: EFMC
Picture: Pexels