The EU reached an agreement on a €14.8 billion space programme. It includes different missions, such as simplifying the EU legal framework on space policy and the improvement of space flagships programmes. The EU space development will be coordinated by a public-private partnership to ensure competitiveness. Read more Source: Goda Naujokaitytė, Science Business Picture: ESA

With the Brexit occurring in a few weeks, students all over the European Union wonder if they will be able to study in the United Kingdom or not. Students visa, Health care, student loans, find out more about what we know yet. Read more… Source: Agence France-Presse, Picture:

The European Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, offered the administration of the newly elected American president Joe Biden to reset ties with the EU on “technology, trade, climate change, and public health”. This new partnership would come after a few years of complicated relationship between the United States of America and Europe under the […]