The long-discussed European Geological Service will most likely be funded through the EU’s next research programme Horizon Europe. European Geological Service will help agencies share data and access expertise. Read more here. Source: Nicholas Wallace, Science Business Picture: Pixabay

AI holds a lot of potential for Europe’s healthcare systems. That being said, innovation always needs some rules and a code of ethics. But when innovation is combined with sufficient regulation, it can be very beneficial for Europe as well as the rest of the world. Read more here. Source: Paul Timmers, Science Business Picture: […]

The British prime minister reluctantly asked for a delay last week, and any postponement of Brexit can only be granted if the 27 EU ambassadors agree unanimously. They will vote on the third extension today, on Monday. Read more here. Source: Reuters, Gabriela Baczynska Picture: Pixabay

The UK science minister predicts they will join Horizon Europe, even though the negotiating window is less than a year. That being said, negotiations cannot begin before UK’s departure from the bloc is settled. Read more here. Source: Éanna Kelly, Science Business Picture: Science Business

Winning the prestigious grant from the ERC is a goal for many scientists across Europe. Researches in poorer countries, however, often come below the ERC’s excellence threshold. To maximise their chances, they should keep applying, extend their networks and find partners from western countries, says Kassabova, a scientist from Bulgaria who just recently won a […]

EU leaders are looking to make cuts in the overall EU budget for 2021-2027, which will most likely also influence the research funding program. Nothing is decided yet, however, as the budget talks have just started and will continue for months to come. Read more here. Source: Nicholas Wallace, Science Business Picture: Pixabay