The member states are finally able to make targeted investments in R&D without requiring approval from Brussels, as the European Commission has finally adopted state aid exemption rules for research. It’s possible to spend EU structural funds to co-finance Horizon Europe partnerships and research projects that receive the European Commission’s seal of excellence. The changes will […]

The European Commission renewed its efforts to get member states to raise their national public and private R&D investments. The pact seeks to convince member states to raise total private and public expenditure on research and development to at least 3% of gross domestic product. The EU average is 2.2%, well below the US, Japan, […]

The list of third countries invited to join new funding calls includes the UK and 17 others, while research cooperation between the EU and Switzerland is on hold. The news dismayed the Swiss researchers and policy stakeholders, leaving Swiss universities to wonder what will come of applications submitted this spring – and what the prospects […]