Day 1

  • The Grant Agreement H2020 vs. Horizon Europe
  • Actual, Unit, Flat Rate, Lump Sum, (NEW) “Financing not linked to costs”
  • Direct costs vs. Indirect costs
  • Personnel costs calculation (H2020 hourly rates & HEU daily rates)
  • Time recording: from H2020 timesheets to HEU monthly declarations
  • Etc

Day 2

  • The new structure of the Form C (Financial Statement) in HEU
  • Subcontracting & third parties
  • Travel goods and services & equipment costs
  • Internal invoicing
  • Deliverables & Reports
  • Budget Transfers & Amendments to the GA
  • CFS & CoMUC
  • Etc

Day 3

  • Audits and EC Control Strategy
  • The Nature & Workflow of the II° level Audit
  • The new System and Processes Audit (SPA)
  • Audit “findings”: nature and seriousness, consequences of adjustments
  • Contestation & Challenging the Audit Findings
  • Audits indicative programs
  • Etc


max. 12 participants

max. 15 participants
Provisional agenda


Full 3-day course is recommended

  • Online training

    990 exl. VAT Full 3-Day training

  • Physical training

    1390 exl. VAT Full 3-Day training


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16marAll Day18Online training, 16-18 March 2021 (4 SEATS LEFT)FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF H2020 & HORIZON EUROPE PROJECTS

27aprAll Day29Online training, 27-29 April 2021FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF H2020 & HORIZON EUROPE PROJECTS

08junAll Day10Valletta, Malta, 08-10 June 2021 (Provisional agenda)FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF H2020 & HORIZON EUROPE PROJECTS


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Are you able to answer “YES” with confidence to all these questions?

  1. Are you sufficiently confident that your periodic financial reporting is correct?
  2. Do you know the difference in calculating personnel costs based on actual / unit costs?
  3. Can you differentiate between subcontracting and purchase of Goods & Services?
  4. How do you internally invoice goods and services and what are eligibility criteria?
  5. Are you aware of the responsibilities of being a coordinator?
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