Support Services

  Raphaël de Vivans – CEO of EFMC & former DG RTD Auditor

Financial Statements Stress Test


We will review your costs declaration together with you to ensure the reliability of your costs statement and prevent potential adjustments from the European Commission. Most of the adjustments during an audit are on the following points:

  • Selection of the best option for the productive hours;
  • What to include in the yearly salaries;
  • Hourly rate calculation;
  • Time recording system;
  • Subcontracting, third parties & purchases of services.

They also will ensure that your internal control procedure is in line with the H2020 Annotated Grant Agreements obligations.

Average duration: 2 days of meetings + 1 optional day for a written report.

Mock Audit


Our consultant will carry out an audit following the CAS procedure and will provide you with an audit report based on the template of the European Commission. This audit will indicate the findings, the recommendations, and a calculation of all the adjustments.

The reasons for a Mock audit often are: a suspicion of internal dysfunction, ensuring the internal control system, anticipating an audit from the European Commission, or understanding the administrative burden of an audit.

Outcome: You will be ensured that your working methods and costs statements will be accepted by the European Commission, and your employees will be psychologically ready to face an audit without stress and questions.

Average duration: 5 to 8 days depending on the number of projects audited.