European Fund Management Consulting - EFMC
We support beneficiaries of European Funds (FP7/H2020, COSME, Feder, FSE...) in their administrative and financial issues. We can help at all stages of the financial life of a project.
EFMC informs and supports beneficiaries on all the financial issues they may face during the project life.
Audit Management
should beneficiaries or coordinators have to face an external audit from the European Commission, EFMC will assist them on the substance and on the form all along the process.
EFMC proposes training (Financial management of EC projects - From the fundamentals to dealing with the audit procedures) in English and French.
Project Accounting
EFMC proposes to carry out your European project accounting in order to ensure that your internal procedures are exact.
Consortium Management
EFMC helps coordinators in the administrative and financial management of the Consortium.



« Our Goals, Your Expectations »
About Us

EFMC was created in January 2014 and is based in Estonia.

EFMC is a company specialised in the financial management of European projects and provides support to any stakeholders.

There are still too many errors in the costs declarations with the result that:
– 1/ beneficiaries are then adjusted by financial officers and/or audit services,
– 2/ consequences might be very serious for the beneficiary concerned, the whole Consortium and therefore for the project and that
– 3/ error rate remains too high.

EFMC is specialised in research funds (FP7 and H2020) but can also manage every kind of European Fund (structural funds, grants, etc).

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