The European Parliament voted to assign a budget of €4.1 billion to the military research during Horizon Europe (2021-2027). With around €500 million a year, the military research spending would be multiplied by more than ten. This project is however very controversial, peace organisations protesting against the spending in the military research, while others point […]

The European Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger proposed to add €100 million for research and students mobility to the 2019 budget. If this proposal gets the agreement of the European Parliament and the Council, €80 million will go to climate-related research through the H2020 Framework programme. The European Commission wants to use this money as well […]

The Italian nanobiologist Mauro Ferrari will replace Jean-Pierre Bourguignon at the head of the European Research Council. He will officially become the new president in January 2020. Mauro Ferrari is currently working in the United States in the research against cancer. His multidisciplinary background will be a great benefit for the European Research. Read more […]

The European Commission presented a diagram showing the collaboration between the different H2020 partners. It is interesting to note that most of the 13 “newer” EU-Members and most of the partners mainly work with only one of the “older” EU-Members, mainly Germany, France, the UK, Italy and Spain. On another hand, Norway and Switzerland have […]

A new microscope was developed by European scientists which will allow to show 3D images of very fast biological processes, such as the blood moving through the heart chambers, and the process within neuronal cells. Blood moving through a Japanese rice fish heart was successfully recorded by the team of researchers (picture). It may prove […]

A new study from Material Economics states that zero-emission EU industry is “within reach”, but costly. Heavy industry such as cement, chemicals and steel still rely a lot on fossil fuels, and moving to a zero-emission system would need high investments. However, the mentalities have change, and EU industry in general seems to be more […]

The EU Research commissioner Carlos Moedas wants a “mission on cancer” during the next Framework Programme, Horizon Europe. We estimate that there will be 22 million new cases of cancer every year in Europe in 10 years, and it already kills nearly 2 million European every year. It is still unclear how much budget this […]

While the implementation of Horizon Europe was voted by the European Parliament with a broad majority, it is more than a third of its budget which will be dedicated to the research linked to the climate. Moreover, we know the three pillars: excellent science, global challenges and European industrial competitiveness and innovative Europe. The exact […]

These are the words of Carlos Moedas to Science Business. The EU Research Commissioner does not imagine Horizon 2020 without the participation of the UK, even with the Brexit. The participation of the UK to European Framework Programmes was curiously almost not debated with the other Brexit subjects and the exact terms of that potential […]

As Horizon Europe is shaping up, scientists from all around Europe gather to call for more investment against cardiovascular disease. They highlighted the urgency by reminding everyone that it is still the world’s leading cause of death, and that more than 10.000 Europeans die of it every day. Read more Source: European Society of Cardiology, […]

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