EU-learning project is an Exchange of Good Practices action co-funded by the German National Agency for Education for Vocational Training in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme from the EC. Its objectives are to create a European network among partners and beyond, to discuss good practices and innovations in the training each organisation offers, with […]

According to the recent speech of the EU research commissioner Maryia Gabriel in the European Parliament, the commission considers an additional Horizon Europe partnership on pandemic preparedness and societal resilience. “Research and innovation should and will be key to ensure sustainable and inclusive recovery,” Gabriel said. Read more.

Are you ready for our next Financial Management training on May 05-07?  REGISTER HERE The 3-day Horizon Europe & H2020 Online Training is dedicated to acquiring an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of the financial management of Horizon Europe & H2020 projects. During the mornings, the trainer will illustrate and explain the topics and participants […]

Are you ready for our next Proposal Writing training on May 19-21? REGISTER HERE The three days H2020/Horizon Europe Proposal Writing remote online practical training aims at maximizing your chances of success in getting your EU project approved. During the mornings, the trainer will illustrate and explain the topics and participants will be able to interact […]

Upcoming H2020 calls on Funding & Tenders, deadline date April 28.   Efficient and safe connected and automated heavy-duty vehicles in real logistics operations Large-scale, cross-border demonstration of connected and highly automated driving functions for passenger cars Hybridisation of battery systems for stationary energy storage Next-generation batteries for stationary energy storage Reducing the cost of […]

The country’s authorities will allocate £1 billion to support tech start-ups affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Financial support includes £500 million of investments, consisting of government funds and private investors, which will be distributed to fast-growing companies. „Britain is the world leader in innovation. Our research and development startups and companies are one of our […]

In order to support scientific research all over the world in fighting the pandemic, the European Commission launched a European COVID-19 Data Platform. Rapid open sharing of data gives the possibility to researchers to store and share datasets and epidemiological data. In the following days, the extensive scientific data collated will be uploaded to the […]

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the tourism industry was evaluated by the European Commission last week. Eduardo Santander, Executive Director of the European Tourism Commission, said the EU’s tourism economics will need at least two years to return to the level of 2019. Tourist arrivals may drop to 39% this year in EU […]

European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator is going to provide emergency funding in order to assist the high-perspective start-ups facing the current crisis. As such start-ups are only at the stage of entering the market, this is the moment they need financial support the most. What are the next steps to get the funding? Learn here.

Israelian researchers are involved in European Framework Programmes since the very beginning and keep participating actively. A new innovative platform from Israel, odix, may help European SMEs to increase their cybersecurity in a world where cyberattacks become more and more regular. Read more here. Source: Science Business Photo: Oren Eytan, CEO of Odix