The European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) will provide additional opportunities for innovative projects in Central and Eastern Europe. The initiative’s primary goal is to help innovators take advantage of the services the two Horizon Europe-funded institutions have to offer while supporting the process of […]

The problem of online misinformation in the scientific community is taking on new dimensions connected to the Covid-19 pandemic and the developing debate about climate change. Many experts admit that it is becoming increasingly difficult for European scientists, especially those just starting their journey as researchers, to navigate the enormous flows of information on the […]

Approximately 65,000 Ukrainian doctoral students have been affected by the ongoing war. Some scientists have been continuing to work, shifting their focus to helping and supporting the military, while others were forced to leave the country. For example, Oleksandr Berezko, associate professor at the Lviv Polytechnic National University, continues to work to help the army: «Researchers […]

Last week we wrote about some provisions of the Horizon Europe programme that leaked online. This time, several research organizations have drafts that describe the priority in cultural and innovation ecosystems spheres. Innovation ecosystems  The European Commission has outlined its plan for financing projects aimed at developing innovation ecosystems across Europe for two years. The […]

The European Commission is taking steps to open research funds for ‘dual-use’ technologies. In this regard, the data show that European countries have increased the share of investments in R&D with military applications. Thus, compared to 2021, the share of EU member states’ investments in projects under the European Defense Agency (EDA) increased by €50 […]

UK and Switzerland have traditionally been part of the European scientific community. But countries are still left out of the Horizon Europe programme, which requires finding alternative ways to finance scientists from these countries. This situation, which has arisen in connection with recent political events (Brexit and Switzerland’s unwillingness to expand relations with Brussels), will […]