The next European Commission president says she wants to spend almost a third more on foreign policy goals to better establish the EU as a global player. She believes that the extra money is needed to develop a stronger strategic culture of the bloc, which is often criticized as high on ideals but low on […]

On the 14th and 15th of October 2019 the Kick-off meeting of the EU-Learning Project took place in Berlin, Germany. The innovative project funded under Erasmus+ KA2 focuses on creating an EU network for organizations and on the creation of an handbook on funding programme for the new funding period 2021-2027. As starting point it […]

About 10,000 children in Somaliland will now have access to expanded quality education through improved learning environment, thanks to the school infrastructure support provided by the European Union. European Union support to Somaliland is through the Horumarinta Elmiga Programme. In its third phase since 2012 and with a total budget of 23.4 million Euros, the […]

The Japanese government might budget about €10 million a year for greater scientific cooperation with the European Union. They are hoping for an EU-Japanese agreement on Horizon Europe by April 2020. Read more here. Source: Richard L. Hudson, Science Business Picture: Science Business

A report was published in which the UK government lays out the plan for research after ties with EU are severed. It calls for increased spending on R&D nationwide, a new research fellowship program, and larger chunks of money for universities to quickly target research opportunities. Read more here. Source: Erik Stokstad, Science Magazine Picture:

A draft document issued by the European Union suggests that the union should consider issuing its own digital currency. The draft will be discussed this Friday, and perspective on its adoption will be presented on Dec. 5. Read more here. Source: Adrian Zmudzinski, Cointelegraph Picture: Pixabay

Horizon Europe’s basic structure is already laid down and it has already been through several drafts, and the commission is now working towards a final version that should be adopted in early 2020. This is the final opportunity for public comment, but consultation of member states will continue for another few months. Read more here. […]

The Enhanced European Innovation Council (EIC) supports top-class innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies and scientists with bright ideas and the ambition to scale up internationally.  Read the interview with the EIC head of advisory board, Mark Ferguson to see what he has to say about the future of European innovation. Source: Scitech Europa Picture: Pixabay

Mariya Gabriel, the successor to Carlos Modeas, must work hard to fight cuts and potential delays to the Horizon Europe budget. The European Commission is asking for €1.135 trillion, including around €100 billion for research. Member states want to cut the total budget by between €35 billion and €85 billion. Read more here. Source: Nature Picture: […]