At the end of April, the European Research Council announced the holders of its grants, among them 45 British scientists. But since the UK is not associated with the Horizon Europe programme, scientists will need to look for ways to relocate to other EU institutions. Grant holders have two months to resolve this issue. Otherwise, […]

Researchers funded by the European Research Council (ERC) received Proof of Concept Grants. The grant is part of the Horizon Europe R&D programme and is worth €150,000 each. These grants help researchers move on to the first phase of the commercialization of their projects. For example, to explore business opportunities in the market or prepare […]

In the last month, British researchers have been in uncertainty. 46 ERC awards UK winners are still waiting for additional news about their grants. If the UK fails to associate with Horizon Europe in time, researchers will need to apply for UK government safety net funding. But the local authorities cannot give accurate information about […]

The calendar of calls for fundamental research will be back to normal next year. After two rounds of ERC grant competitions that followed an untypical schedule, the ERC intends to return to a regular calendar of calls under the Work Programme 2023. The preliminary calendar is published, yet the work programme detailing the calls’ full […]