🗣 Marco Liviantoni, EFMC Senior Expert: The pandemic is putting a lot of pressure on the management of ongoing H2020 actions, and many beneficiaries are facing significant constraints to fulfill obligations from the Grant Agreement. In response, the EC has adopted reasonable measures to ensure that the projects will be not hopelessly compromised by the […]

🗣 Robert Carroll, EFMC Senior Expert: The COVID-19 outbreak can definitely be considered a case of “force majeure” in the legal framework of H2020, in the meaning of the Grant Agreement art.51. It is a case of “force majeure” if you are facing “…unforeseeable, exceptional situation and beyond the parties’ control…”. If the current pandemic is […]

Use of Force Majeure Clause Covid-19 (coronavirus) has led to many Horizon 2020 projects, as project meetings and events being cancelled all around Europe. According to Article 51 of the H2020 Model Grant Agreement (H2020 MGA), a party participating in a European funded action can cite force majeure if they cannot fulfill their obligations under […]

The UK has left the European Union but it is not the end. It has been cleared up that a close future partnership between EU and the UK is going to be established in the fields of nuclear and renewable energy, air traffic management and antimicrobial resistance. Furthermore, for the people connected to the research […]

A new Industrial Strategy package was published on the 10th of March by the European Commission. The new industrial strategy includes three key priorities: / Maintaining the global competitiveness of European industry and equal playing conditions, both domestically and globally / Ensuring Europe’s climate neutrality until 2050 / Shaping Europe’s digital future. Read more.

According to the joint press conference held last week, third countries* willing to participate in the framework programme would be able to associate only to the entire programme ‘pillars’. Science ministers emphasize that in order to get this opportunity, it is important to respect EU rules and meet the criteria. However, for geopolitically sensitive countries […]

Financial Management of H2020 & Horizon Europe Projects delivered by Marco Liviantoni on 3-5 March 2020 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The 3-day Horizon Europe & H2020 practical training was dedicated to acquiring an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of the financial management of Horizon Europe & H2020 projects.

The discussion of the new budget framework for the period from 2021 to 2027 created disputes between EU-countries. The UK was one of the biggest net contributors to the EU and now the impact of Brexit on the EU budget is huge – €75 billion gap in the seven-year budget. The problem is a consensus […]