Carlos Moeida and his Chinese counterpart Wang Zhigang met on Tuesday during the 4th Chinese-EU summit to discuss the future of the partnership between the European Union and China in research. While the lack of transparency in China is a major issue for European researchers, the different reporting schedule and the need for Chinese researchers […]

Yesterday, for the first time in the History of mankind, the image of a black hole was captured. It was captured by Event Horizon Telescope, an international research collaboration in which EU-funded scientists participate. The image which instantly became famous worldwide is the result of years of research, which received funds through FP7 and H2020 […]

More than a half of the ITRE could change after the next European elections in May. While some MEPs do not want to run as candidates, some others do not know if they can because of the Brexit, and some are still waiting for the authorization from their party. Science Business comes back on the […]

After multiple failures and the impossibility to get support from the “hard-brexiters” of her own party, Theresa May is seeking for a compromise with the Labour Party. It will not be an easy task, as the Prime Minister will meet European Union leaders on Wednesday, her last chance to present them an alternative to a […]

The EU plans on investing €13 billion in European Defence from 2021. Often forgotten and ignored, the European research on Defence will then benefit from incentives for SMEs and Universities . This is the first step towards a European Defence market, and, for the French President and the German Chancellor, towards a European Army. Read […]

While it is not new for Framework Programmes to include non-European participants, the first one being Israel in 1996, every new programme means for them the start of new negotiations about their legal status and conditions of admission. This should not be an issue for some countries which already participate in FP8, such as Israel […]

“It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion and you can’t do anything to stop it.” This alarming sentence, reported by NBCNews from Jess Fitch, a U.K. citizen, sums up the state of mind of many British citizens living inside the E.U. While an agreement was found between the E.U. and the U.K. about […]

We now know the broad themes of the incoming Framework Programme Horizon Europe, and there will be 5 of them. The new €94.1 billion programme will focus on climate change, cancer, oceans, carbon neutrality, and food. The European governments finally came on an agreement on the 19th of February after a hard debate between the […]