25 April 2018

Members’ Salon, European Parliament




Industry is central to Europe’s economy. Europe’s industrial sector has long been the engine for the sustainable growth of its economy and the main contributor to job creation. Industry is typically the largest source of business R&D, has larger technological and economic multipliers than other sectors, and is closely linked to knowledge-intensive services”

The evening’s host Ivana Meletic introduced the Knowledge4Innovation event „Where is the Industry in FP9?“ and mentioned the reasons behind organizing the event was the concern that framework programmes have support for SME’s but not for industry. At the same time industry is the biggest driver of the EU economy.



Opening remarks were made by MEP Paul Rübig who advocated the need to increase the budget of FP9 at least double that of H2020. The main reason for this is that the EU is behind US, South-Korea and China in research and innovation funding.

Antti Peltomäki (Deputy Director-General from DG GROW) also pointed out that not only money and technology are important, but in the EU we also need to focus on other important aspects to support growth, such as regulation.

Peter Dröll (Director, Industrial Technologies, DG RTD) spoke in the favour of doubling the budget for FP9 and also, of the need to focus on clean tech.

Fabrice Stassin (Managing Director of EMIRI) focused on speaking of clean energy and advanced materials.  EU has lost about 100 thousand clean energy jobs in the past 10 years, but at the same time clean tech (such as Lithium batteries) requires only 50% of the cost. He emphasized the need for efficient funding and measurable results- KPI’s which need to be in place. Also, the need for more coordination between work programmes as the production of batteries may be in one and application in another.

Dagmar Auerbach (Programme Manager at EURAMET) gave a speech on the need for standardization of measurements.

Andre Convents (Sector Head at Procter & Gamble) and Daniel Gauthier (Chairman at A.SPIRE).

Felix Bayon (Business Development and Innovation from Sidenor) spoke of the importance of dissemination and social impact.

After the end of the speeches the floor was open to questions and comments from other prominent members of the audience. MEP Lambert van NISTELROOIJ was the sobering voice to those advocating doubling FP9’s budget by pointing out that doubling the budget will be unlikely due to Brexit, and most likely the funds will be directed towards EU cohesion.

Read more about the event via Knowledge4Innovation website


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Kristiina Kook

PR and Events Coordinator