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Theoretical and Practical Guide to Proposal Writing of H2020 R&I Projects

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13-14 February 2019BrusselsEnglish


25-26 February 2019CoimbraEnglish

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01-02 Aprl 2019BodøEnglish

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24-25 April 2019AmsterdamEnglish

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Full 2-Day Training Course

  • Proposal Writing Training / 2-Day Training Course

    990 Complete 2-Day Training


Are you able to answer all these questions?

  • Which are the key success factors of a successful proposal?
  • Is there a Programme/Call suiting my needs of funding?
  • How do I ensure that I call match with my project idea?
  • What are the barriers to entry in EU project “market”? Why I did fail in the past? Why other organizations are so successful?
  • How can I develop my idea into a credible and well-written project proposal?
  • How can I create a sound, balanced and reliable consortium of partners?
  • How can I prevent potential conflicts with my project partners?
  • What is the Consortium Agreement and why it is so important in the proposal preparation stage?
  • How should I read correctly the application forms? What is the EC asking to fill in in the different sections of the forms?
  • How should I build a sound project budget, preventing future costs rejection due to ineligibility of the expenditure?
  • Which is the true meaning of the evaluation criteria and how the evaluation process is carried out? How to use this information in the proposal preparation stage?
  • How can I properly describe the Impact of my proposal?
  • To what extent typical Project Management tools, like Logical Framework, Work Breakdown Structure, other diagrammes.
  • Which are most common pitfalls in the proposal drawing that affect a positive evaluation?
  • How does the proposal Submission System work? How do I have to submit a proposal?

About the Training

The learning objective of the course “Theoretical and Practical guide to Proposal Writing of H2020 R&I projects” is to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the theoretical and practical dynamics of the proposal writing of an H2020 R&I project.

This training course aims at maximizing your chances of success in competing for EU grants by providing that knowledge representing the ingredients to be wisely mixed by the applicant, before and during the proposal preparation. In fact, writing a quality proposal requires a significant understanding of EU funding mechanisms, policies and related programs, but also a good knowledge of theoretical aspects of project planning, including a proficient command of the submission tools. In addition, it implies the adoption of a strategic approach in line with the beneficiary mission and goals, and a clear vision of the opportunities of exploitation of the projects results.

All these aspects are addressed in a comprehensive training course, both for newcomer to EU funding and for experienced project managers.

Underpinned by the fundamental understanding of the “strategic” element of participating in EU projects, the course concretely analyses H2020 R&I-related programs structure, with a focus on Horizon 2020 and the new Horizon Europe (FP9) programme, including all the “call” elements, in view of confirming the eligibility of the “project idea” in the frame of a call. A focus on the “evaluation” process & criteria allows participants to understand the weak and strength points that make a proposal awarded or not.

The training is a combination of practical presentations and hands-on exercises

The participant is guided into the core of the course, through theoretical and practical aspects of the proposal preparation, from the production of the first abstract to the submission of the proposal, passing through all the required steps, following a clear logical path.

The training is systematically enriched by examples from the multiannual on-field experience of EFMC trainers, to guide trainees avoiding the most common pitfalls in the practice, and by the use of hands-on and practical exercises to provide participants with a reality-based knowledge background.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at staff who have participated or will participate in H2020 actions either as a coordinator or a partner in universities, R&D centre’s public and private, hospitals, SMEs & large enterprises among many others and for any staff involved in proposal writing and preparation in your organization such as:

  • Scientists & Researchers
  • Phd students & Post – doctorates
  • Grants Officers
  • EU projects departments
  • Funding Managers
  • Free-lance consultants
  • Administrative staff

Your Will Learn


How to turn an basic ”idea” into a realistic project (adopting Goal Oriented Project Planning, Logical Framework Approach. and Work Breakdown Structure)


How to translate the project idea into well written applications forms, as far as regards both the proper allocation of contents in the application form, and the use of the EU jargon;


Practicalities of the submission process in the EC Participant Portal, from the beneficiary registration to the final submission, including the assignment of “roles” (internal and external to the coordinator) and all the fundamental technicalities;


How to create an “eligible” budget, in order to totally prevent the rejection of costs, during and after the implementation of the project, as a consequence of a financial officer check, or a EC audit.


The partner selection and its implications for a balanced consortium, “how” and “when” dealing with the Consortium Agreement in order to pave the way for a smooth project implementation;

What is Included?

Participation to the training course includes:

  • Electronic training materials
  • Daily coffee breaks
  • Lunches with non-alcoholic drinks
  • Paper for notes and pens
  • Free wireless internet
  • Certificate of attendance

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