Day 1

  • The Grant Agreement
  • The Consortium Agreement & IPR
  • Deliverables & Reports
  • Consequences of not fulfilling obligations
  • Budget Transfers & Amendments to the GA
  • Etc

Day 2

  • Personnel costs
  • Subcontracting & third parties
  • Travel & equipment costs
  • Internal invoicing
  • CFS & CoMUC
  • Etc

Day 3

  • Consequences of Adjustments
  • The Error Rate & the EC Audit Strategy
  • The Nature & Workflow of the Audit
  • Contestation & Challenging the Audit Findings
  • Most Common Errors
  • Etc



Full 3-day course is recommended

  • The Complete Training

    1390 exl. VAT Days 1 + 2 + 3

  • Financial Management & Eligible Costs

    990 exl. VAT Days 1 + 2

  • The H2020 Audit

    690 exl. VAT Day 3

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24sepAll Day26Brussels, Belgium 24-26.09.2019 (3 seats left)FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF H2020 & HORIZON EUROPE PROJECTS

20novAll Day22Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 20-22.11.2019FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF H2020 & HORIZON EUROPE PROJECTS

03decAll Day05Vienna, Austria 03-05.12.2019FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF H2020 & HORIZON EUROPE PROJECTS

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Are you able to answer “YES” with confidence to all these questions?

  1. Are you sufficiently confident that your periodic financial reporting is correct?
  2. Do you know the difference in calculating personnel costs based on actual / unit costs?
  3. Can you differentiate between subcontracting and purchase of Goods & Services?
  4. How do you internally invoice goods and services and what are eligibility criteria?
  5. Are you aware of the responsibilities of being a coordinator?

Why participate in our H2020 Trainings?

Master the financial management of your H2020 project

Learn about the many unwritten rules

Avoid financial mismanagement of your Horizon 2020 project

Differentiate between eligible and ineligible costs

Subcontracting and third parties - how to avoid rejection of costs?

Allocation of Travel costs, Equipment, Other costs, and overheads

Realize the responsibilities of coordinator

Prepare yourself for EC audits

Who attends our H2020 Trainings?

H2020 Project Coordinators

Research Managers & Administrators

EU Projects Managers

R&D Managers

Pre and Post Award Administrators

Grants Officers

Directors of Research

H2020 NCPS (National Contact Points)

Accountants, Internal Auditors & Heads of Finance

Grants Financial Accountants

Account Managers & Project Managers

Chief Financial Officers & Chief Internal Auditors

Financial Specialists & Controllers

Researchers & Professors

Principle Investigators

The Certificate of Attendance?

Official Certificate of Attendance issued on completion of the training for CPD (Continuous Professional Development) purposes

What is included?

Electronic training materials

Daily coffee breaks

Lunches with non-alcoholic drinks

Free wireless internet

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    Margit Loikmaa