You are currently setting up a consortium but you do not want to deal with the administrative and financial aspects of the Horizon 2020 project. We can integrate the Consortium as partner in charge of the financial and administrative issues. As an additional beneficiary, EFMC will manage all the financial issues you may encounter within the Consortium.


Legal aspects have to be prepared before the project starts in order that every partner is aware of their commitments.
EFMC proposes to support the coordinator in the preparation of the Framework Partnership Agreement and of the Consortium Agreement, to validate budgets and to verify and control articles related to each beneficiaries obligations, Intellectual Property, Conflict of Interest, Confidentiality, Ethics, etc.


At the beginning of the project, EFMC will help each beneficiary to set up structures and procedures in order to simplify their financial management, according to the European Commission requirements.
All along the project, EFMC will carry out the administrative tasks such as deliverables (additional outputs), resources summary sheets every 6 months, coordination & communication between partners…
Furthermore, during the project life, EFMC can provide to each beneficiary consultancy in their general management (eg. the way to set up your timesheets, to analyse your internal organisation, to confirm which costs are eligible or not and how to declare it…), or their financial issues and/or questions.


If necessary, EFMC will explain to each beneficiary of the Consortium (individually – each of them has their own financial specificity), what to declare, how and when to do it.
At the end of each period of the project, EFMC will collect every audit certificates (where necessary) and cost declarations and verify their relevance & accuracy.
Then EFMC will compile the data and prepare the financial report for the Coordinator who will just have to realise a last check before sending it to the European Commission.

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    Viktoria Jarosh