In-House Trainings

Get an in-house training focused on your organisation and your staff. It can be delivered at your premises anywhere in the world or online by one of our trainers (resume below). Agendas can be customised to be tailored to your needs, and trainings can be on the following subjects:

Proposal Writing for RIA-IA-CSA in Horizon Europe
Administrative and Financial Management of Horizon actions
Research Management for Principal Investigators, Researchers and Project Managers
Practical Guide to the Use of Participant Portal
Dealing with an Audit from the EC
Horizon Europe 2021-2027: Novelties
EIC Accelerator in Horizon Europe
The new approach to Impact in Horizon Europe & Dissemination/Exploitation/Communication

Our Trainers

Mr. Raphael de Vivans is the CEO and founder of European Fund Management Consulting.

Former external auditor for the DG RTD, he has been in charge of on-the-spot controls of beneficiaries to ensure that their accounting and recordingsystems comply with the financial requirements of the RTD contract. His role was to verify that costs charged by contractors comply with the RTD contract. He was in charge of the evaluation of audit findings and was responsible for proposing changes as necessary in systems, procedures and financial aspects of the RTD contract.

He audited public and private companies, Universities, Small & Medium size Enterprises, and non-profit organizations all over Europe. During these years, he realised that many beneficiaries have difficulties with the rules of the European contracts. Many of them are looking for support when they have to face administrative & financial issues in the management of their projects and to face an audit carried out by the European Commission services. In addition Raphael brings this experience to bear in constructing sound and eligible budgets for proposals.

Mr. Marco Liviantoni is a Senior Expert with over 18 years of experience in EU affairs, specialised in both Financial Management and Proposal Writing.

He holds a degree in law from the University of Perugia (IT), 15 years of professional experience in EU affairs as freelance consultant working with Public and Private Organisations such as Public Regional Agencies, Business Associations, Consulting Firms, Universities, Large Companies and SMEs. He has also been the coordinator and project manager in many EU funded projects under CIP-IEE, CIP-EEN, Europe INNOVA initiative, FP6 and FP7, LDV DOI, COSME, H2020, EDII Initiative, EIT Digital, AL-INVEST IV, gaining a proficient knowledge of rules and procedures governing the EU programmes. Areas of expertise include internationalization of SMEs, business start-up and incubation, innovation, strategies for business development. IMP3rove (A.T. Kerney) certified expert (level 1). Marco was also head of the European Projects Area at the Umbria Regional Agency for Internationalization from 2011 to 2017 and was a lecturer at the University of Perugia.

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