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Financial Statement Review before you submit to the EC

What is it?

In-depth analysis of your organization’s internal procedures, and verification of their compliance with EC financial requirements (Time Recording System, Travel Policy, Internal Accounting practices, Internal Control System, calculation of unit costs etc)

Understanding the rules underpinning the eligibility of all cost categories, allocation of a cost under direct or indirect costs

Identifying your EU projects management strengths and weaknesses

Recommendations regarding changes in your internal organization to comply with administrative and financial rules from the GA

Ex-ante identification of your potential errors in your periodic financial reporting

Why do it?

Are you implementing the Action according to the GA, for each project, correctly?

Are you administering your GA correctly?

Are you managing the IPR, background and results correctly?

Are you sure that a possible check, audit, investigation would not lead to a recovery of the EU contribution already received?

When can it be done?

At any time, before starting the preparation of a proposal, and during the entire project life-cycle


EFMC experts travel across Europe and beyond, to reach your venue and work side by side with your staff

Conducted by whom?

EFMC senior experts have at least 15 years of EU affairs experience, including proposal writing, coordination, financial reporting and EC auditing


Most common issues


  • Calculation of Productive Hours
  • Calculation of the Hourly Rate
  • Timesheets and alternative evidences
  • Hours charged to the project
  • In-house consultants
  • Seconded Personnel
  • SME owners


  • Subcontracting
  • Sub-grantees
  • In-kind contributions
  • Internal invoicing
  • Travels
  • Consumables
  • Declaration of durable equipment


  • Rules applicable to VAT regime
  • Different types of Third Parties
  • Receipts
  • Exchange rate
  • Recruitment procedures
  • Open Access
  • Data Management

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    Xavier Dubois