Benefit from the knowledge and experience of a former DG RTD Auditor

Need technical assistance during an EC Audit?

What is it?

EFMC experts will support your organization when you face an audit carried out by the EC or any other controlling body. We will be by your side during the preparation of the preliminary information to be provided, the visit on the spot, and how to engage in the contradictory procedure.

We manage your EC audit from beginning to end

We show you how to contest an audit and the unknown mechanisms available

We help you identify the right information to provide to the auditors

We highlight when and how to choose the time to provide the information

Why do it?

Mitigate possible negative adjustments on your financial statements resulting from an EC audit

Facing an audit from the European Commission and their agencies is a serious existential threat to your organisation

Severe penalties or FULL RECOVERY of your H2020 project costs can occur.

It requires a sound understanding of the background of H2020 Audits:

A H2020 Audit: a special unique dynamic

Examination of your "internal control" capacity

Unwritten rules that you are assumed to know

Importance of having a prepared audit strategy

It is vital to understand what information is important AND the format it is presented in:

Your basic hourly rate will be under scrutiny for any ineligible elements

An incorrect productive hours calculation can lead to rejection of personnel costs;

Subcontractors are eligible under very specific conditions

Some taxes are eligible - some others are not;

When can it be done?

At any time, after receiving the LoA (Letter of Announcement) announcing the upcoming audit.

Conducted by whom?

Conducted by EFMC senior experts with at least 15 years of EU projects experience, and under the supervision of a highly experienced former DG RTD Auditor

Where does it take place?

At your offices anywhere in Europe

Fact: EFMC has saved or recovered more than €510,000 (in 2017) and more than €1100, 000 (in 2018) from the European Commission audit services.

Your Contact:

Xavier Dubois
Administrative Manager
(+372) 604 1400

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    Xavier Dubois