Benefit from our experienced DG RTD Auditor

Could your H2020 Project survive a European Commission Audit?

What is it?

Simulation of a real EC audit

Stress testing of your submitted financial statement

Preventive detection of potential errors and shortcomings

Why do it?

Are you conscious of the fact that H2020 audits are uniquely different compared to internal audits?

Are you totally confident that your H2020 projects are in order in the event of an EC audit?

Are you aware that a H2020 audit not only examines your financial declarations but also your “internal control capacity“?

Do you know the many unwritten rules & external influences underpinning an EC audit?

When can it be done?

At any time, when you have at least a Financial Statement submitted

Conducted by whom?

Conducted by EFMC senior experts with at least 15 years of EU affairs experience, and under the supervision of a highly experienced former DG RTD Auditor

Where does it take place?

At your offices anywhere in Europe

Your Contact:

Xavier Dubois
Administrative Manager 
(+372) 604 1400

  • Xavier Dubois

    Xavier Dubois