3 July 2017

European Commission, Charlemagne Building

170 Rue de la Loi -1000, Brussels


Against the backdrop of the Commission’s White Paper on the future of Europe, the conference “Research & Innovation – shaping our future“, hosted by Research, Science and Innovation Commissioner Carlos Moedas, brought together policymakers from EU institutions, nearly 700 stakeholders and interested actors to discuss the role of research and innovation for Europe’s future.

Pascal Lamy, the chair of the High Level Group on maximising the impact of European research and innovation programmes, presented the Group’s vision and recommendations for the future, based on the results of the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020. Visionary speakers included captains of industry, researchers and innovators at the frontier of progress, politicians and movers and shakers in society but also young people who have expectations for the(ir) future.

Commissioner Moedas said: “Without science and innovation, there’s no growth. Without science and innovation, there are no jobs. The answer of the report is clear: we should focus more on the innovator, more than on the innovation. It is about creating a vision for the future, creating these ideas like Kennedy had in the 60s about putting a man on the moon or curing a disease. These are things people relate to. They will be our ambassadors, in this quest for explaining to people that without science and innovation there is no growth and without science and innovation there is no jobs. ”


The Report

The report, entitled LAB – FAB – APP: Investing in the European future we want highlights that in the last twenty years, two thirds of economic growth in industrialised countries is attributed to research and innovation. Its recommendations focus on maximising the impact of EU investments in research and innovation in order to increase prosperity and solve our biggest societal challenges.


The Group proposes eleven recommendations:


  • Prioritise research and innovation in EU and national budgets, including a doubling of the budget of the post-2020 EU research and innovation programme
  • Build a true EU innovation policy that creates future markets
  • Educate for the future and invest in people who will make the change
  • Design the EU R&I programme for greater impact
  • Adopt a mission-oriented, impact-focused approach to address global challenges
  • Rationalise the EU funding landscape and achieve synergy with structural funds
  • Simplify further, privilege impact over process
  • Mobilise and involve citizens
  • Better align EU and national R&I investment
  • Make international R&I cooperation a trademark of EU research and innovation
  • Capture and better communicate impact


Read the closing speech by Commissioner Moedas



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Agnese Accapezzato

PR and Communications Manager