Our former DG RTD Auditor 3 years of experience will ensure the validity of your procedures

At the beginning of the contract, we will control, set up or adapt your internal procedures in order to fully comply with the EC requirements.

At the end of each month, we will gather all the elements related to your European project(s): personnel costs, control of the timesheets, purchase of consumables, travel costs, control of the exchange rates, etc.

At the end of each period, we will compile all the data and provide you the Individual Financial Statements – IFS (H2020) or Form C (FP7).


Every month you have to do your Horizon 2020 project accounting, but you consider it time consuming.

You are afraid that your organisation doesn’t have the accurate competences.

You want to ensure that your internal procedures are exact.

You prefer concentrating on the scientific aspects of your project instead of the administrative ones.

Xavier Dubois
Administrative Assistant
(+372) 604 1400

  • Xavier Dubois

    Xavier Dubois