Proposal Submission

Proposals must be submitted electronically using the electronic submission system of the Participant Portal.

The proposal itself consists of 2 main parts: administrative forms (structured information of the basic administrative data, declarations of partners, organisations and contact persons, etc.) and the technical annex, which is the detailed description of the planned research and innovation project outlining work packages, costs, etc.

A proposal is submitted by one or more applicants. Proposals could have just one applicant – a single principal investigator – while multi-partner proposals group together many applicants. An applicant might also be involved in more than one proposal, in which case it is making multiple applications for funding.

Some calls have two stages: applicants first submit outline proposals which are evaluated to select those that could be developed further into full proposals.

If the proposal is successful and is funded it becomes a project, which is implemented by one or more participants. And a participant might be involved in other projects, in which case it has a number of participations.

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