European funding normally is administered through one of three mechanisms: direct, shared, or indirect management:

  • Under direct management, funds are administered directly by the European Commission, which remains responsible for making decisions about which applicants receive funding as well as the final transfer of funds. Funding is awarded and administered by the EC’s Directorate Generals, executive agencies, services and joint centres
  • Under indirect management, funding is administered by various EU institutions, agencies, and other external bodies.
  • Under shared management, the Commission remains responsible for the budget, but allocating and administering of funds is the responsibility of national governments. Around 80% of the EU budget is administered in this way. (Mainly direct Common Agriculture Policy payments to farmers and European Regional Development Funds financing large infrastructure projects)

H2020 and research & development programmes are funded primarily under the indirect management model administered by the Research Executive Agency and European Research Council amongst them being the most prominent bodies. In the last few months what has fallen under the radar at EU and national level is that programmes under indirect management such as the Internal Security FundPolice, 3rd Health Programme, and Research Fund for Coal and Steel among many others are now all coming under the H2020 participant portal and reporting model.

EFMC is pleased to announce new H2020 training courses taking place throughout Europe this summer and in beginning of autumn 2018.

Please see the list of courses below and register for the one most suited to your needs:

NEW! 11-13 July / Rome, Italy / Italian / Enrol 
NEW! 18-20 July / Barcelona, Spain / Spanish / Enrol 
NEW! 25-27 July / Milan, Italy / English / Enrol 
NEW! 1-3 August / Amsterdam, Netherlands / English / Enrol 
NEW! 5-7 September / Bucharest, Romania / English / Enrol 
NEW! 12-14 September / Brussels, Belgium / French / Enrol 
NEW! 19-21 September / Madrid, Spain / Spanish / Enrol 
NEW! 26-28 September / Frankfurt, Germany/ English / Enrol 

Our company is specialised in the financial management of European Research & Innovation projects. Due to increasing demand for our services, we are looking for a Business Developer to join our team.

An ideal candidate has excellent communication and networking skills to build relationships, and he/she is able to identify the potential customers by looking for the different projects, which had already been granted by the European Commission.

The work requires excellent command of written and verbal communication skills in English (other languages, especially German, Dutch, Scandinavian or any other eastern European language are an asset) and strong analytical skills to allow you to quickly understand a problem and to identify possible solutions and key success factors.

If you are a reliable, solution-oriented, organised, rigorous and proactive person, with versatile talents as well as strong ethical values, you have the ability to adapt ad evolve in your approach to work, we’d love to hear from you!  See more information and apply before 10/03/2018 here.

European Fund Management Consulting – EFMC is the leading European funding consulting company specialised in the financial management of European projects. EFMC has its headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia with offices in Brussels, Paris, Barcelona and Rome.

EFMC works with leading European universities, research centre and institutes, SMEs private, public and international organizations providing high quality training courses and consulting on H2020, Erasmus+ and EU funding programmes.

EFMC is a validated receiving organisation under:“Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals” Erasmus+ 

 EFMC is specialised in the financial management of European Research & Innovation projects. We’re looking for a trainee who will be in charge of the Public Relations and the e-communication for the company under the direct supervision of the Marketing Director and the owner.  The position requires you to attend conferences (mostly Info Days and workshops on European projects) as well as being in charge of the company’s social media (website, the LinkedIn and Facebook webpages), therefore an interest in the European Union and European Affairs is essential.