Networking brains: How Horizon Europe can foster excellence in central European science Research and innovation in central Europe is held back by the emigration of scientists and engineers. Rather than framing policies around encouraging their permanent return, the EU should help universities establish brain networks, in which modern communications enable scientists in the diaspora to […]

EFMC is organising the training course “Financial Management of Horizon 2020 Projects: Theoretical and Practical Approach” on the 26-27-28 of September 2018 in Frankfurt, and “H2020 Participant Portal Training: Submission, Financial & Project Reporting” on the 27-28 September at the same venue. There are a few seats available for the two EFMC training courses taking […]

EFMC analyses it so you don’t have to! – The latest H2020 Annotated Grant Agreement AGA V 5.0 On July 3rd the European Commission published the latest version (5.0) of the AGA – Annotated Grant Agreement. The main significant changes concern, among many others, travel costs for external experts, prototypes, and new presentation of calculations […]

  EFMC is proud to present the opportunity to attend the new courses “H2020 Participant Portal Training: Submission, Financial & Project Reporting” taking place throughout Europe starting from September 2018. Participant Portal is the most important tool for finding information, preparing and submitting the proposal and managing the contract of research & innovation projects under the […]

  EASME has a number of open calls for Research & Innovation in the Sustainable Energy sector. See the list of open calls below for the following topics: Integrated home renovation services (EE-2) with 7 million EUR available, and applications from 1 single entity are eligible. To learn more about this topic have a look at the dedicated webinar for potential […]

  The Commission has published an overview of the budget plans for Research and Innovation, namely Horizon Europe and Euratom. You may have a look at the publication here  New features of Horizon Europe will be: The European Innovation Council, which will provide support for start-ups and companies focusing on breakthrough innovation to scale up […]