H2020 & HEU Administrative Management for Researchers

A 2-day practical training course for personnel involved in the implementation of H2020 and Horizon Europe projects, in order to prepare yourself to fulfil your GA related obligations, avoiding COST REJECTIONS and REDUCTION OF YOUR GRANT by the European Commission.

Day 1

  • Horizon 2020 vs. Horizon Europe: Evolution of the Framework Programme structure;
  • Business intelligence about EU research through the Participant Portal;
  • Project administration – a shared responsibility with your Administrative dept.;
  • Grant Agreement and its annexes – beyond the text;
  • Relevance of the Consortium Agreement;
  • Powers and limits of the Coordinator;
  • Obligations related to IPR, Conflict of interests, and Confidentiality;
  • Beneficiary’s obligations;
  • Deliverables & Reports;
  • Consequences of not fulfilling obligations;
  • Budget Transfer, what you can/cannot do without an amendment;
  • Amendments to the GA & Simplified Approval procedure;
  • Recruitment and working conditions;
  • WHICH COSTS ARE ELIGIBLE: Third Parties (Linked Third Parties, In-kind contribution), Direct vs. Indirect costs

Day 2

  • Personnel is not “Employees”: eligibility conditions for the 6 different personnel categories;
  • Importance of the Time Recording: “no timesheets, no costs!”;
  • Eligibility conditions of Subcontracting – how to deal with unforeseen subcontracts;
  • Financial support to third parties – an invaluable opportunity to involve stakeholders;
  • Travel costs – are all your travels eligible?
  • Equipment – guide to the best choice among “buy”, “rent”, “lease”, “in-kind contribution”;
  • Purchase of Goods and Services – what they are and the difference with subcontracting;
  • Logic and structure of the portal;
  • Project roles in the portal; & Portal lexicon and navigating the SyGMa;
  • Business Processes in the Participant Portal: Continuous and Periodic Reporting, Project monitoring (Technical Review)



  • The Complete Training

    990 excl. VAT Days 1 + 2

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24novAll Day25Brussels, Belgium 24-25 November 2020Administrative Management for Researchers of H2020 & Horizon Europe Projects

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