Thank you for the excellent H2020 training! We are very satisfied about the set up and preparation of the training and the flexibility you showed to emphasize on the topics that were raised during the training. You made us work hard but we learned a lot and gave us many suggestions to improve our work processes. We will make an internal evaluation how to implement all ideas.

Adrie van Dorst
Financial Project leader / UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE

The consulting firm of reference for H2020!

Maryline Larquat
Public Contract Manager / AIRBUS SAS

Experienced course trainers & former EU Commission staff means EFMC has the inside track on the EU funding landscape. 

Joakim Engqvist
Controller and Academic Partner Coordinator / SCANIA

Dynamic trainers who have been through the EU funding system, who know the system and can help you get through the system too.


Hélio Corguinho Fernandes
Captain / Military Administration / ACADEMIA MILITAR SEDE

Practical, pragmatic and solution orientated!

Hugues-Yanis Amanieu
R&D Project Manager / LECLANCHÉ GmbH

"Expertise Through Experience" is EFMC's mission statement and in their training's it clearly shines through!

Henk van Walderveen
Financial Coordinator / NEN

During the 3 day training of financial project management H2020 of EFMC, you really get practical information on how to handle the financial side of an H2020 project supported by many recognisable examples. Also the information about an EC audit is very valuable. It is an interactive course you should attend, whether you are a beginner on H2020 or an advanced financial expert.

Monique Veenker

I am delighted with the course I have taken with EFMC, it has been very useful and has provided me with a solid foundation for the financial issues of the European projects, and I thank Robert Carroll for his outstanding professionalism.

Alexandra Bizy
Financial Officer / Health Research Institute INCLIVA

I found the EFMC Training course on H2020 to be extremely informative and beneficial for my role in the financial management of the H2020 Grant. Robert Carroll was very helpful both during the course and afterwards.


Deirdre Healy
Financial Controller / AVECTAS