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In-House Training Courses

EFMC In-House Training provides tailored training solutions delivered at a location of your choice.  Whether you need Audit Management training or you have any specific questions about the Project Management, we can develop a course to fit your needs. Our training courses shown on this website can be provided for your staff at your own premises or at a location of your choice.

Additionally, we can tailor or create a course to suit the exact needs of your organisation.

The advantages of In-House training:

  • Several members or all the department responsible for Project Management will be attending the session;
  • You will benefit from having our Consultant at your premises for the whole day – you may ask him all the questions related to the H2020 project and he will answer questions relating to the specific compliance needs of your organisation;
  • Choosing an In-House training solution means that you are in control of the schedule – you choose the start time and duration of the session to suit your needs;
  • A further advantage of choosing an In-House training session is that your staff will not incur the travel costs associated with attending a ‘public’ session;
  • The same Consultants who provide EFMC’s public courses also provide the In-House sessions, so you are assured of the same high quality course leaders who are the experts in their field.
Consulting Services for Specific Issues 

EFMC informs and supports beneficiaries on all the financial issues they may face during the project life. If you face any specific issues concerning your running H2020 project them most probably Consulting Sevices would be the best option for you.

You may face some financial (eligible taxes, eligible direct costs or personnel costs…), organisational (indirect cost model analysis, productive hour calculation…) or administrative (relevant timesheets) issues that you didn´t expect.

EFMC will analyse these issues, find the best solutions according to your specific situation (it may be different if you are a SME, a private or a public company, a University…) and try to optimise your costs declaration.


Cost Declaration Consultancy: Most Common issues

Test Auditing – Financial Analysis of Your Horizon 2020 Project 

EFMC offers to conduct a test audit for your project(s) as if we were the European Commission. After conducting a financial analysis you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. EFMC will propose remedies in order to improve and optimise your financial management.



For more information on EFMC’s In-House training options, and to obtain a quote, please contact us:

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Viktoria Jarosh

Marketing Director

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