After 10 years in the private sector as SME manager, Raphael de Vivans decided to join the European Commission as an external auditor for the DG RTD.

For 3 years, he was in charge of on-the-spot controls of beneficiaries to ensure that their accounting and recording systems comply with the financial requirements of the RTD contract. He was verifying that costs charged by contractors complied with the RTD contract. He was in charge of the evaluation of audit findings and was proposing changes as necessary in systems, procedures and financial aspects of the RTD contract.

He audited public and private companies, Universities, Small and Medium size Enterprises or non-profit organisations all over Europe.

During these 3 years, he realised that many beneficiaries had difficulties with the rules of the European contracts. Many of them are looking for support when they have to face administrative & financial issues in the management of their projects and to face an audit carried out by the European Commission services.












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